The Balance Protocol is a one of a kind clinical method to:

Educate You on the true root causes of disease,
Motivate You to take solid corrective actions in your life
Inspire You to reach the highest levels of wellbeing
It utilizes a science-based systems biology called Functional Medicine to provide a systematic approach to navigate You through the often complex puzzle of regaining your health and resolving chronic disease.
The Balance Protocol empowers You with a step-by-step process to discover how You can uncover the root causes of what is keeping you from a life of abundant health and vitality. Then apply simple, yet transformational actions in your lifestyle, your eating, and the environment you live in.
The central theme to the BP is the fact that each and every one of us is unique. Both in our genetic code as well as all the things that we live in and around. I call these your environmental inputs.
Let me say this, as well all know there is a tremendous amount of noise and confusion out there about what is healthy, whats not healthy. Everyone telling you what is “good”, “bad”. And stuff like that.
Here is the trouble and challenge. So many are correct and so many are very incorrect.
Seriously though, the fact is there is a virtual avalanche of health information out there. Some from highly educated clinicians, some from archived research that so many just don’t know is there. And so much online from bloggers and self proclaimed experts and coaches.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe a very simple and eloquent fact…The truth is the truth no matter where it comes from. So, someone does not have to be a doctor to know certain health truths. Matter of fact, the vast majority of doctors don’t know what is nor how to help patients truly have a powerful state of vitality.This is because they are not trains nor wired to do so. They practice a medical model that is what I call the name it blame it tame it game.
So that brings us to the other sources you get exposed to. Virtual online prattlings.
Again, don’t get me wrong. There are great sources of information online for health topics.
BUT and this is a big BUT,what is missing is the knowledge of WHAT and HOW applies to YOU!
Here is an example….
There are all kinds of auto parts, fuel, modifications, tires, and all that stuff for cars. Right?
Well though those things exist and are high tech and performance based, Do all of them apply to your car? See my point?
So although there are tons of diets and how to’s out there. We all know that we have tried stuff and it just didn’t pan out. We read or were told something and we try it and BAM…a big fat flop.
We then do the temporary give up and say….ahhh…all that junk is junk. Well, until we feel down on ourselves, think we are too fat and have to finally do something. So what do we do? Look for and try some other weight loss or health trick or what is popular today….as “bio hack”
This cycle is all to common and is and of itself the problem. People are told all kinds of things to do, however….They are not taught how to decipher the code that is YOU.
The vast majority of information out there forgets to embrace that fact that we all have quite powerful difference of self. So for you to get to your highest level of well being your key is to learn the process to find and determine that which is best for you!
This is why my program is called the Balance Protocol.
Its the framework to lead you through the process of discovering what is optimal for you.
No one can tell you how to live your life. You have to take that journey of discovery and the Balance Protocol will guide you to find the way.
You can get educated, you can get motivated, you can get inspired…Yet, you have to do it.
Often when I teach the Balance Protocol to people they remark on how simple and obvious this seems. Why didn’t anyone explain it like that before?
Well, there is a very large spectrum of actual reasons, but sufficed to say, the good news is that it matters not. When you apply the Balance Protocol into your life you will naturally come to an understanding of why.
You will come to know that the answer to why is that rarely does anyone in the health field think of individuals as individuals. They just give the same exact advice to each and every person.
All that has changed now with the Balance Protocol.
I knew when I developed this system that it was going to be simple to understand, easy to live with yet be powerfully life changing.
Let me share with you the principles of the Balance Protocol…
Biochemical Individuality Based on Genetic and Environmental Uniqueness
According to Balance Protocol perspective, it recognizes that each person is a unique individual with a singular genetic structure, a unique life story and set of influences that make up their environment which they live.
The purpose of the Balance Protocol is to elicit and bring understanding  to your own uniqueness.
Your lives journey and experiences are the context to understand the complex processes where environment merges with your genetic inheritance.
We have come to understand that our DNA does set boundaries on individual performance.
However, as the deterministic model of genetics breaks down, research has demonstrated a certain plasticity or flexibility to genetic induction not appreciated earlier.
Important to living the Balance Protocol  is the idea that lifestyle translates into quantifiable effects on health through the energetics of our biochemistry and genetics.
These effects can lead to disease or they can produce health.
As we more fully understand the web-like inner relationships between environment and genetic responses, we can develop individual programs that reliably reflect the unique needs of the individual.
Dynamic Balance Between Internal and External Factors
Important in the application of the Balance Protocol is the idea that lifestyle translates into quantifiable effects on health and disease through the energetics of our biochemistry and genetics.
Different activities as well as emotions; such as eating, exercising or not exercising, joy, pain, and love are integral to inducing the dynamic mix of chemical reactions inside the body lead to the sum of experiences that our patients identify as their lives.
This combination of environments effects both gene expression and the bodies biochemistry on a daily basis. It is what gives rise to symptoms of what we call aging and disease.
The conventional medical model has done an outstanding job at hood winking the population
Has convinced them that they are just the product of what is in their family history. Think about it.
If you have a chronic disease and go seek care for it, how likely are you to get the good ol token answer “its genetic”?
Did the doctor test your genetics?
Or did they have you check some box or fill out an intake form that asked you about your family history? Most likely you are the victim of the name it, blame it, claim it, tame it game.
People go to seek care….they fill out the family history part of intake forms and that specialist who sees you for 7.6 minutes goes right for the easy out. Boom. Its in the family. What a cop out.
Now imagine that someone actually looked at your full life history and then combined that story with understanding of what is going on in your environment now, what is going on in your mind set now. Its critical for us all to come to embrace that we have a dynamic balance between our outside and inside factors
Web-like Connections of Physiological Factors
Fundamental to Balance Protocol is a profound awareness of web-like interactions among all systems of the body.
One of the biggest mistakes that is prevalent today is thinking that parts of our body are independent from each other. Think for a minute.
Why on earth do we treat disease with just organ specific approaches?
Why is it logical to to treat allergies with drugs that block allergy reactions?
Why treat fatigue with stimulants?
Why treat immune dysfunction with immune suppressants?
Its beyond me as to think that we have allowed those who give medical care to dish out this approach and allow it to be the entrenched world view. We have even allowed health care to become a huge battery of specialists. You have a doctor for each separate organ system of the body. And rarely do any of them talk to each other. Our system is for you do be the proverbial ping pong ball.
The things that predispose each of us to possible dysfunction due to our genetic susceptibilities, we call these “Antecedents”.
However, sometimes a force of change such as allergens, microbes, chemical exposure, drugs, endotoxins, and emotional stress are strong enough to create a dysfunctional response. These forces are referred to as “Triggers”.
The patient’s response to a trigger consists of complex, web-like effects on the biologic system through various inflammatory responses known as “Mediators”.
The Balance Protocol provides a turn-key approach to work through diagnosis and treatment protocols that you can incorporate to assess the unique risk factors present by virtue of your DNA interacting with your lifestyle, diet, environment, and thoughts.
Patient Centered versus Disease Centered
The individual—not the so called disease—is the target of resolution.
Its sad to admit that we are in a state of affairs where the focus on the uniqueness of the individual has been all but lost.
Because disease and disease management has become such huge business and the amount of people who are not healthy is so overwhelming the medical market has been forced to respond with a quick lock down type of approach.
The Balance Protocol views disease not as an enemy (not even as an independent reality) in which to grapple, but as a manifestation of the breakdown of mechanisms that maintain control, resilience, and balance.
Dysfunction and disease are rarely organ-specific. Rather, they are an altered systemic physiological malfunction that requires an integrated model of therapeutic intervention.
The Balance Protocol focuses on the interaction between the person and his or her internal and external environment and the processes that can go awry in this relationship.
Health As a Positive Vitality, Not Absence of Disease
Today, medicine is at a crossroads. Although medicine has successfully contributed to the development of the science of acute disease diagnosis and treatment during the past four decades, it has not been as successful in promoting healthy aging or preventing chronic disease.
If fact, it has failed and continues to fail miserably at chronic disease.
The majority of us want to live a life full of energy and continue to be active regardless of our age.
This means health must be viewed as a positive vitality and certainly not be defined by simply not having to manage a diagnosis.
The challenge is that as we live at the speed of life in the world we do today, stresses that we could have once accommodated, now exceed our resilience, which results in health crises. The key is to fortify ourselves with the power of knowledge and apply our choices in such a way that gives us an full set of armor to our life.