Balance Protocol ICCR Booking Confirmed

Congratulations on starting your journey to achieving your highest levels of well-being. We're excited to welcome you into the Balance Protocol Program! A copy of this page will be sent to your inbox so you can return and finish if you don't have the time to do it right now.


Step 1:

Click here to submit your registration into our Patient Portal. 

Step 2:

Wait for account approval (24-48hrs) into our medical records system called "Practice Better".

Step 3:

You will receive an email from Practice Better inviting you to return back to the platform and create a username/password. 

Use your new credentials to login the Patient Portal. Bookmark the page & auto save your login information for easier access into the future.

Step 4:
Inside the Patient Portal please complete the new "Balance Protocol Full Intake Questionnaire". Please give yourself enough time to complete this form thoroughly as it is very comprehensive and provides the required insight into your case PRIOR to your Initial Comprehensive Case Review. 

We look forward to seeing you on the ZOOM call!