Learn about the one of a kind clinical method to resolve disease called the Balance Protocol — Discuss how simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes can radically change your level of wellbeing and resolve chronic disease — How our current health care system is broken and promotes disease — How the Balance Protocol is dynamically different than all other approaches to achieving optimal health — Principles that make the Balance Protocol so powerful — The 2 most important questions to ask to resolve disease — The 5 causes of all disease and how to correct them — Why its vital to correct imbalance in proper order — Hosted by Dr. Anthony G. Beck

Hello everyone and welcome to the Balance Protocol Podcast,

I’m Dr. Anthony G. Beck and I’m super excited to share with you my program called the Balance Protocol.

In today’s show I’m going to give you

The history behind the Balance Protocol (BP)
How Balance Protocol came to be
Why the BP is so dynamically different than other health programs
Introduce you to the back bone of BP called the 2-3-5-8 framework
Show you how by applying the principles and methods of the BP in you life you can reach the highest levels of wellbeing designed specifically for You.

Our thinking about how we get sick is completely wrong. You can’t “catch” disease. You can’t “catch” cancer or heart disease, insomnia or depression.

Our medical system is based on the idea that diseases just show up, like an unwanted visitor.

That it’s unpredictable or just because it runs in the family.

This may have seemed true 150 years ago when Louis Pasteur came up with the germ theory of disease and felt that there were germs out there and some people, by a stroke of bad luck, just “caught” them.

There was not much you could do except hope that the germ (or disease) didn’t show up on your doorstep.

Then we found a drug for the bug in antibiotics–and low and behold–modern medicine could finally do something about disease.

In the 70 years since the discovery of antibiotics, we’ve been on a relentless search for a drug for every bug, a pill for every ill. The problem is, this completely ignores the real cause of disease.

The only way to get to the root of disease is to understand how your personal environment (your eating habits, stress, exercise, radiation, trauma and toxins in food, air and water) interacts with your genes to determine your state of health or disease. So what you can do?

Your genes are fixed. You can’t change them. That is called your genotype. But you can change which genes get turned on or off, and how that affects your physiology, by changing those things that effect and trigger your genes actions of expression.

Your environment interacting with your genes creates who you are at this moment–your phenotype. And that, you can change! Every environmental input, from diet to toxins to stress, all determine the healthiness of your body. It is like preparing healthy soil for plants.

To have vibrant growth you must mix the right amount of organic matter, the right pH balance, the right amount of nutrients, water, light and air as well as safe guard it from harmful chemicals and organisms.

Our bodies are the same way; we need to have healthy soil in order to be healthy. In fact, Louis Pasteur on his deathbed realized this. It’s the terrain, not the germ that is the most important determinant of health. This explains why giving zinc to malnourished children in the third world can reduce death from infections by over 75 percent. It doesn’t stop exposure to bugs, but zinc boosts immunity, helping the children stay healthy.

So by believing in this “germ theory” of disease, medicine has ignored one of the most important scientific ideas of the last century, that our health is determined by the interaction of our genes and our environment.

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