Introducing the Balance Protocol podcast — This shows mission is to bridge the gap between medicine, scientific research and You — Utilizing a revolutionary systems biology called Functional Medicine and applied through my powerful method called the Balance Protocol — Educate You on the true root causes of disease — Motivate You to take solid corrective actions in your life — Inspire You to reach the highest levels of wellbeing — Hosted by Dr. Anthony G. Beck

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Balance Protocol Podcast Episode 1.

I am Dr. Anthony G. Beck

This is episode 1 of a continuing series of Podcasts. Here I am going to share with you my life’s work and passion. Where I pour my heart and soul.

That is to cut through all the noise and confusion that plagues the info-space. To bridge the gap between medicine, scientific research and You. Applied through my powerful method called the Balance Protocol.

Which is a systemized approach to all things related to wellbeing.

So that is my mission…. EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE you

Where we will explore the cutting edge of medicine, and all that I have learned from over 2 decades and countless thousand of patient encounters.

Most importantly, I will be empowering you with How we apply these to our lives. Here is what will set me apart from the rest.

I am going to teach you to apply HOW and WHY medicine

NOT ….WHAT medicine.

So many just give information but do not take time to explain how and why to the patient. You simply get to be apart of the Name it, Blame it, Tame it game. This is why your visits with the vast majority of doctors is only 7.3 minutes.

In todays health care model we see this to be all too true.

We can all recognize our system is broken.

So here is your chance to effectually OPT OUT of all that non-sense. You can learn to correct and prevent the VAST majority of what is at the root cause of your lack of wellbeing

And for those who want to take their current level of good health to the highest levels of wellbeing, well this is most certainly the place you will learn to do just that!

To lets quickly cover the requisite about me professionally stuff and then I will go on to briefly share with you my story and how I came to passion I previously shared.

I am a Naturopathic doctor and a Dr of Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture physician. Here shortly I will complete my Doctorate in Health Sciences in Integrative health care with a concentration in Epidemiology in Chronic Disease. I hold 4 national board certifications in all of my related fields.

I am a member of over 10 professional medical associates in the US and am a board member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. Currently a licensed primary care provider in the State of FL where I maintain a private practice.

I have been practicing my fields now for over 20 years and for the last 6 years I have traveled and taught 100’s of other doctors around the country in fields of Functional Medicine, nutrition in clinical practice and exercise physiology.

Now MOST important is I am a certified human being! A person just like You. A country boy at heart and who’s life story is probably like the vast majority of you.

Grew up in a NC. Parents were divorced when I was 5. Mom was from Tennessee. Dad was from W. Virginia. So got country living from both sides. We didn’t have much. We always gardened, canned.

My mother used to manage hotels. I would go to work with her and just loved being in the kitchen. So when I was 12 I got to start working with some wonderful Chef’s. So that set me on the road of F&B management. But after working 6 years in that field, working 12 hr days and having no finger nails from being in food all day. I made a decision to attend ODU in Norfolk Va. for ROTC program and turned down scholarship to UNC Chapel Hill. Wanted to follow foot steps of my Dad in the Navy except wanted to fly jets.

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