Here is your chance to effectually OPT OUT of all non-sense of todays health care model. You can learn to correct and prevent the VAST majority of what is at the root cause of your lack of wellbeing.

For those who want to take their current level of good health to the highest levels of wellbeing, well this is most certainly the place you will learn to do just that! 

The vast majority of information out there forgets to embrace that fact that we all have quite powerful difference of self. So for you to get to your highest level of well-being, the key is to learn a framework to find and determine that which is best for you! 

This is why Balance Protocol was created.

We must stop being disease centered. 

We must study origins of health, not origins of disease.

The name of the disease makes no difference to Balance Protocol. We want to know why this patient has this so called disease NOT what disease has the patient. This powerful system shows that simple efforts can afford us high levels of well-being, perpetuate longevity, prevent disease and even resolve chronic illnesses. At the end of the day YOU are the only person who can make YOU healthy. You simply cannot achieve that without feeding your body the right foods, actively exercising, and getting adequate rest. The challenge is that patients like you are bombarded with so much noise and confusion from the info space.

Not only will Balance Protocol provide you with information, it will teach you how to decipher and provide you with a ton of sources and tools to do so. This bridges the gap between medicine, scientific research and real life.  This powerful method will show that simple efforts can afford us high levels of well-being, perpetuate longevity, prevent disease and even resolve chronic illnesses. Balance Protocol encourages you to embrace being a category of one! Don’t settle for you being crammed into a box of some named disease condition. You are truly a one of kind, both genetically and in the environment you created for yourself and live in.

What separates Balance Protocol from everything else?

Everyone is telling you what is good & bad. Seriously though, the fact is there is a virtual avalanche of health information out there. Some from highly educated clinicians, some from archived research that so many just don’t know exists and so much online from bloggers and self proclaimed experts and coaches. So, someone does not have to be a doctor to know certain health truths. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of doctors don’t know what is nor how to help patients truly have a powerful state of vitality. They practice a medical model that we call the name it, blame it, claim it, tame it game. 

Balance Protocol utilizes a science-based systems biology that incorporates Integrative and Functional Medicine to provide a systematic approach to navigate you through the often complex puzzle of regaining your health and resolving chronic disease. Balance Protocol empowers you with a step-by-step framework to discover how you can uncover the root causes of what is keeping you from a life of abundant health and vitality. 

No one can tell you how to live your life. You have to take that journey of discovery and Balance Protocol will guide you to find the way. You can get educated, you can get motivated, you can get inspired but YOU have to do it. Often when Balance Protocol is taught to people they remark on how simple and obvious this seems. Why didn’t anyone explain it like that before? Well, there is a very large spectrum of actual reasons, but sufficed to say, the good news is that it matters not. When you apply Balance Protocol into your life you will naturally come to an understanding of why. You will come to know that the answer to why is that rarely does anyone in the health field think of individuals as individuals. They just give the same exact advice to each and every person. All that has changed now with Balance Protocol.

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Balance Protocol PRIME provides a walkthrough of all the principles and tenants of Balance Protocol.