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Anthony G. Beck was live in Balance Nation.
Anthony G. Beck

The greater problem to our nations health above this current scamdemic is sex trafficking. The left is at the center of it and openly promotes it. This is a call to all parents to increase your situational awareness and be more vigilant. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dream works need to be held accountable as well

Pizzagate absolutely is real. I have been gathering information on this for quite some time, and have just recently been very active in posting it on FB. Along with child sex trafficking, there is also torture and cannibalism involved. It is extremely disgusting. If you want to know how we have been programmed by Hollywood and our government watch the documentary Out Of Shadows.

great presentation !!!!!!!! as an adult, I don't give a shit what one does in the bedroom or voting booth!!

That doll a lady on fb shared it. She couldn't believe it herself. It has over 4 million views. Alice won't be watching trolls anymore.

Good to hear it got pulled!!!...

This stuff makes me instantaneously nauseous, and then I just want to cry. As a person who has worked with children my entire life, I can't handle the thought of any adult taking advantage like this. It's beyond sickening and disgusting... and hard to fathom. My mouth dropped as soon as you showed that button, that is just insane!!!

"This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate. This was not intentional and we are happy to provide consumers with a replacement Poppy doll of similar value through our consumer care team. We are in the process of removing the item for purchase." 😤

Absolutely the doll was on purpose - and it gets worse. Thank you for bringing attention to this horrible, disgusting practice. This is huge all over the world.


I just saw another post about this doll. I believe the manufacturer has recalled all of them.

Lurdes Letras

This is disgusting. Thank you for this awareness.

Yeah right.... People are not stupid



Link to Out Of Shadows ......

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